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About us

The online  presence of a business, a product and a service that you have is the cornerstone of the public image that you have towards your buying public. The online world is inextricably linked with our daily lives and the information we receive is enormous. "If you're not online, you're nowhere." This view prevails more and more. But what can you do to stand out among so many others? We adapt your unique identity to the digital world and in order to attract attention. This is what we do!


The company's logo. Digital marketing agency

My name is Ioanna

With studies in the fields of Public Relations, Communication and Digital Marketing I managed to understand and become part of the exciting world of digital marketing. But knowledge never stops! Continuous monitoring and training in new trends help me to achieve goals and the desired results, for my clients, in combination with strategic planning. Key words such as: creativity, development, authenticity, audience understanding and goal achieving are the driving forces for me.

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Meet our partners!

Inconcept digital marketing agency

The graphic designer,

Angelos Papavlasopoulos is a graphic designer specialized in branding and logo design. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Audio and Visual Arts department of the Ionian University, as well as two master's degrees - one in Audiovisual Arts and one in Digital Games. Currently, Angelos is a researcher and PhD candidate in the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, bringing a unique combination of creativity, business and research skills to his work.


Since 2019, he has been working as a freelancer with numerous projects for companies, institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad. An expert in the Adobe suite, typography and color theory and keeping abreast of the latest trends and techniques in his field, he methodically guides his clients through branding techniques, helping them form solid business foundations for growth and success.

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Meet our partners!

photography and videography production for conctent creation

The photographer,

Marinos Pavlidis is photographer and videographer. He is passionated about his work and he constantly gets inspired by it. His inspiration, which later becomes creation, emerges from nature which always gives the best landscapes and colors. He is a graduate of the Audio and Visual Arts department of the Ionian University and holds a master's degree in Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age from the same University. The field of photography is an endless journey due to the constant technological development in which creation never stops. For the above reason, he obtained a drone operator's license. He has worked in various productions and his thirst for creative captures pushes him to continuous training on the new data of photography.

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σχετικα Μαρινος

Our services

our tailor made servicves for everyone that wants a complete digital- online presence
social media management

Social media management

Social media management is a complex process followed after planning the appropriate strategy. It includes the initial study and analysis of the market where, in combination with the objectives, strategic content is created tailored to the unique identity of each client. Therefore, we recommend the most effective channels for you, we recommend and create content and adjust, thus laying the foundations for your profile to grow and your goals to be achieved.

live streaming on social media

Live social media coverage for events

Coverage of events through live streaming (that is, in real time) on social media extends the impact to audiences far larger than those who were able to attend in person. By using various techniques such as live streaming video, live photos and live interviews, we manage to raise awareness among a larger audience, thus arousing interest in your brand, subsequently creating greater interaction with the audience. The more you share about your products and the more transparency you have, the greater the public's trust and engagement is with your brand.

google ads, instagram ads and facebook ads

Paid social media campaigns

Paid display ads target a highly specific audience that is interested in the products and services you provide, giving those who are truly interested the opportunity to find you among so many competitors, get your brand known, and gain new and loyal customers. The cost of investment in these campaigns is very small compared to the efficiency results where they are larger. So why not give it a try.

branding and marketing services corfu

Corporate identity & strategic planning

​Every brand is born out of a jumble of ideas and goals mixed with a lot of passion to achieve the final product and/or service. But how can this unique identity be communicated to the right audience? In what way and at what communication level? How will there be loyal customers and how will your brand be maintained over time? The answers emerge through the strategic planning of creating your image. Market research, audience targeting, material creation, results analysis and redefinition are the steps to ensure your brand never goes out of style.

logo design and flyer creation. We are a graphic design company

Logo creation

A business's trademark creates the connection between the brand and the customer. However, the design of this logo creates emotions. Together we will extract all the elements needed for your logo to visually highlight your unique identity so that it is memorable, timeless, simple but also appropriate.

photography, videography and drone operator in corfu greece
Image by TheRegisti

Photo & video coverage

Using the latest technology with high-performance cameras and drone handling, we produce primary photographic material and video with the ultimate goal of achieving significant conversion rates in your campaigns. So what are you waiting for? Go viral with videos and photos. After all, search engines (eg. Google) love high-quality content.

Το γραφείο μας

Our office

Our office is located in the center of Corfu town on st. Andrea Marmora 2 on the ground floor with easy access. We are waiting for you in our modern and friendly designed office to discuss in person how we can be useful to your business's  public image and your online presence. 

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The office of our digital marketing services
διαφημιστική εταιρία στην κέρκυρα where to find us

Communication details


Andrea Marmora 2

Corfu Greece


Contact numbers

+30 26610 30123

+30 6977954903



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